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Your journey to become a parent has probably been filled with disappointment and heartache. Now that you are considering adopting a baby, you are no doubt filled with excitement and hope. Although you may have felt little control in your effort to have a child, you have many decisions regarding the adoption scenarios you wish to pursue.

The majority of our adoptions are newborn infants placed into the arms of adoptive parents directly from the hospital. Adoption By Choice facilitates adoptions that have varying degrees of openness. Our most common placements are semi-open, where adoptive parents have the opportunity to meet and develop a relationship with their child’s birth parents. This style of adoption protects the confidentiality of both the birth and adoptive parents, but enables them to get to know one another on a personal level. The relationship that develops through meeting face to face builds mutual trust and respect, which are vital components of a successful adoption. Adoptive parents will also have firsthand information for their child when he or she begins asking questions about adoption.

Providing Personalized Attention to Adoptive Families

At Adoption By Choice, we understand your feelings and your deep desire to become parents. Our services are provided with care, compassion, and personalized attention throughout the entire adoption process.

Assistance in Preparing Adoptive Family Profile

Birth parents have the opportunity to select their child’s adoptive family by viewing a profile that you create. This family profile includes pictures, non-identifying facts about you, and a letter to the birth parents. This web site also allows the opportunity for birth parents to view prospective adoptive families.

Affordable home studies and post placement services

Adoption By Choice provides home studies for families residing in Pennsylvania who are adopting through domestic or international adoption. These home studies meet all requirements for the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, United States Citizenship and Immigration Services, and the requirements of the child’s native country. We also provide post placement reports for children adopted internationally.