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You do not choose adoption because you do not love your child; you chose adoption because you do love your child. More than words can express. You choose adoption because you understand you’re incapable of providing for them in every single way they need and deserve. I consider adoption to be one of the most rewarding and blessed decisions. If you have mind, body, and soul nurtured throughout the process, you will find peace within and surrounding the amazing decision you’ve made. It will always be right with you, and for you, if you are able to develop a brave heart. The women at Adoption By Choice are the ones to guide you through. Along with reassurance, love, understanding and prayer, your deepest wishes for you and your child will be fulfilled. Don’t be afraid to walk down a different path-God will always find you in whichever direction you choose. Adoption has forever allowed me to experience the purest love ever created. I am so thankful and incredibly blessed to have Adoption By Choice as part of my “birth mom” life.   ~ Darlene

When I came to Adoption By Choice I wasn’t just another client. They treated me like family. Adoption was the right choice for me and my daughter. I was young, broke, and wanted something better for my child. The agency helped me to plan an adoption where I had some openness. When I meet with the adoptive family I see how much they love her and how much they are doing for her. I have no regret. I am a proud birth mother and I wouldn’t have it any other way.    ~ Sarah

274-800I felt so alone when I found out I was pregnant. I had no support from the birth father or my family. When I called Adoption By Choice they came to me. They were at my side through prenatal appointments, when I chose and met with my daughter’s adoptive family, and when she was placed in their arms after she was born. Seeing the joy on the adoptive parents’ faces when they first held her helped me to know that I made the right choice.    ~ Andrea

My son deserves more than I can give him right now…a mother and a father. Adoption By Choice helped me to pick the right family to raise my baby, and helped me through the baby’s delivery and beyond.   ~ Leah