About Adoption By Choice

About Adoption By ChoiceAdoption By Choice is a private, Christian non-profit agency licensed by the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. Adoption By Choice is a division of The Women’s Care Center of Erie County, Inc., located in Erie, Pennsylvania.

Core Services

Serving Birth Parents

Adoption By Choice encourages birth parents to explore their options through decision making counseling in order to make informed and loving decisions for their children. Support is provided throughout this process, whether the decision is parenting or designing a personalized adoption plan.

Adoption By Choice offers birth parents the opportunity to select and meet the adoptive parents, design a plan for the delivery and post partum hospital stay, and make a post adoption contact agreement. Support and advocacy are also provided during the adoption legal proceedings.

Serving Adoptive Parents

Adoption By Choice staff has both professional and personal experience in adoption. Our services are provided with care and compassion as we assist adoptive parents in building their families through adoption. Adoption By Choice prepares families for the placement of a baby in their home through affordable home studies, adoption education, support, and advocacy.

Adoptive parents have the opportunity to participate in a semi-open style of adoption, which enables you to meet and develop a trusting relationship with the birth parents of your child without compromising either party’s confidentiality. Adoption By Choice can also provide adoptive families with home studies and post placement reports for families pursuing an international adoption.