Meet Victor and Lisa

Hi! We're Lisa and Victor... 

We live in Fairview with our 3 year old biological son, Luke, and our well-trained dogs Ripley, Jetson and Dash.  Victor is Chinese and Lisa is Irish/Italian so we both love food and family and both of us have a very large extended family as well. Having more kids on our own proved challenging, but we are so excited to welcome a child through adoption now.

About Victor

Victor is an amazing father and wonderful husband. He loves to play with Luke and be silly. Laughter is very important in our household! Family is his priority it's more than just providing financially and keeping them safe. Having a job where he can spend time with Lisa and Luke, and have flexibility in his schedule, is everything. He is present in their lives. Vic has a Biology degree and is an Environmental Specialist with the Erie County Health Department and he inspects pools, restaurants, schools and campgrounds to ensure everyone stays healthy and safe. He has always had a life of public service and enjoys it. Vic signed up after 9-11 in the United States National Guard and served in Iraq as a combat medic. Today he volunteers for Veteran's Court to help veterans having a tough time getting back on their feet. After serving, he was an EMT in NJ and then worked at Hamot Hospital for a while before going to the ECHD.

About Lisa

Lisa is a very patient, calm Mommy who also loves to laugh and be silly at times. Laughter is very important in our household! Family is also her priority and she has made it her mission to have job flexibility to spend time with Luke, Victor and the dogs. Lisa graduated college in communications and completed film school. She began her career in TV as a live television Director before branching off into marketing. She's won several awards for both films and television productions. As things began to get more automated in the TV field, Lisa began her own business with her other passion, dogs. She saw there was a need to help families who were struggling to find balance in their household with their animals. That's how Puptopia LLC was created! Now she runs a behavior and obedience training company with an extra focus on dogs sports. She's even brought new canine sports to Erie and loves every minute of her job!

About Luke

Luke came into this world a happy guy and he's stayed that way! He's always smiling, talking to and hugging everyone. He's a little bundle of joy right here on this Earth and we couldn't be prouder or luckier to be his parents. He is 6 and loves Science, Legos and Transformers. He also loves chicken nuggets and chocolate! He is in first grade.  We have a great support system of friends who have kids as well. Luke is such a loving little soul and he really can't wait to have a sibling!

Our Beginning

We met at Blockbuster Video which isn't in exsistence anymore because of Amazon and Netflix. We were both managers at the store and  became really close friends.  I decided to start my career and Victor joined the military so we kept in touch and would send each other letters.  After he got back, those became phone calls and in 2008 we decided to start dating.  We have a long history together...friends for 23 years, together for 14 and married for 8 years now.  We had 2 ceremonies, a traditional one in Erie for family members there and a traditional Chinese ceremony in New Jersey for family there.  We honeymooned in Niagara Falls but went to Hawaii a couple years later!

Our Lives Together

We both have flexible jobs so it allows us to spend a lot of time with our son, Luke, and our 3 dogs Jetson, Ripley and Dash.  We love dog-related activities for that reason!  Luke is learning the game of frisbee with Ripley and is entered in his first Junior competition at the age of 3!  He's one of the youngest competitors in the league.  Luke also takes gymnastics and we love to do puzzles and board games together.  Our favorite pass times are day trips, Waldameer rides (we all love the log ride!) and going to the Zoo.  When we just want to get away after dinner, we're really close to a prviate beach and we go skip rocks and watch sunsets.  We also love spending time with family and friends.

Our Families

Family is everything to us and we always make time to visit or check in with them. We are very close to our families. Lisa's mother lives very close and helps out watching Luke. Victor's parents, sister and 2 brothers live in NJ and Lisa's brother and 2 sisters live in CA. We Zoom and we visit once or twice a year. We have a huge extended family of grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins and best friends who are like family. They are a huge part of our lives. We love to have fun and play games!

Our Home

Our home is a beautiful 3 bedroom ranch with 2 full bathrooms (1500 sq ft).  Lisa grew up in this home so it holds a special place in our heart.  The backyard is almost half an acre with a chain link fence that has trees surrounding it on all sides for privacy.  We have a swingset, sandbox and trampoline.  The school district is excellent and nationally ranked.  We're 5 minutes from our church and we have lots of close neighbor families that our son plays with on evenings and weekends.  It's also very open inside and out so we host a lot of family gatherings.