Meet Ryan and Jessica

Dear Birthmother,

We are Ryan and Jessica, and we want to thank you so much for considering us as adoptive parents for your child. We admire your courage and perseverance to make this choice and promise to always honor you and your choice for your child. We will shower your child with love every single day and provide as many opportunities as we can for them to grow into the person they are meant to be. We are blessed with grandparents who live on our street and other family members that live close by that are also ready to provide unconditional love to your baby. We hope you enjoy learning more about us.

Ryan and Jessica

Our Beginning

We met in Annapolis, Maryland about 10 years ago and were drawn to each other from our first meeting, and our relationship continues to grow every day. Our relationship is based on love and respect and faith and we are thankful for all of the blessings that are sent our way.


Our Lives Together

We moved to the Pittsburgh area in 2014 (Jessica is originally from here) to be near family and that was one of the greatest decisions of our lives. We are surrounded by family, old friends, and new friends. We are fortunate to have a strong family network including Jessica’s parents, who play a great role in our lives and helping to take care of Jocelyn on a regular basis. She sometimes feels like she has 2 homes. Jessica’s brother also lives in Pittsburgh and we spend time with him weekly (Jocelyn’s Unc). Not to mention many cousins and close friends.

Ryan’s siblings and parents live in Virginia and Maryland so we take road trips back and forth to spend time with them.  These trips usually involve large family gatherings with a lot of laughs. Jocelyn loves visiting with her cousins.

Our path to grow our family has been a journey that continues, and we feel fortunate that God has opened our hearts and yours to the option of adoption. We have talked about adoption many times during our relationship, even very early on. Infertility was also a part of our journey, and we were blessed with our own biological daughter. We are huge believers in following our hearts and this is where our hearts led us.

We know that Jocelyn will be an amazing big sister as she has been asking for a sibling since she could talk. Jocelyn is a very observant and thoughtful child who loves her circle of family and friends. She loves swimming and gymnastics, as well as helping in the kitchen. As Ryan mentioned, she loves baking cookies and cakes and helping with dinner. She is like a big sister to two of the younger children at her babysitter’s, is very gentle (even with our dog) and adores babies.

Thank you again for your courage and consideration. Please feel free to contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. as we would be happy to answer any questions and are open to meeting you if that is what you desire.

God Bless,

Ryan and Jessica

About Ryan

Job: Sales Account Executive and Marine Veteran

Education: BS in Criminology

Religion: Christian/now practicing Catholic

Loves: His family and all things sports, especially playing golf

About Ryan (Written by Jessica)

Ryan is charming and extremely likeable and fun, and the perfect complement to my sometimes Type A personality. He makes everyday life fun and keeps our home buzzing with love and laughter. He is always singing and dancing and being silly and I am truly thankful to have him as my partner in life. My girlfriends will sometimes ask me “is he always this happy?” and I can honestly say that “YES! He is”. Well at least 95% of the time.

Ryan’s zest for life is contagious, and I can see that in my daughter’s eyes. Even if she is in a cranky mood, he can easily snap her out of it with a few quirky remarks or a tickle and has her quickly laughing.

Ryan is extremely loyal, is not at all judgmental, and allows everyone to be at ease with who they are. He loves deeply for myself and Jocelyn and I believe acts are our “safe space”.  

Outside of our family, Ryan loves talking and playing sports, especially golf. He was a professional baseball player before getting hurt and joining the Marines, and has coached baseball in our community to share his passion for the game. In coaching, he has not only shared his baseball skills, but his role as a leader, mentor and friend to these kids. He also has a deep love for our country (whom he has fought for) and spends his work days promoting veteran recruiting and hiring with large and small companies nationwide.

Overall, I am so blessed to have him and share life’s journey with such a loving individual.

About Jessica

Job: Medical device sales

Education: BS in Electrical Engineering, MS in Biomedical Engineering, MBA

Religion: Catholic

Loves: Her family and being together as a family, doing anything outside, especially swimming

About Jessica (written by Ryan)

From the moment Jessica came into my life I immediately became a better person and a better man. Through her love, compassion, and true brilliance she brought out the best in me and I see that tenfold now with our daughter. 

Jessica is warm, honest, loving, true to herself and her beliefs, and loves being a mom more than anything in the world. 

Did I mention very smart? Jessica has three degrees from Bucknell (Electrical Engineering), the University of Pennsylvania (Master in Bio-Medical Engineering), and just recently completed her MBA from IUP. Jessica currently works for Johnson & Johnson and over the years has worked her way into management where her love of people truly shines. 

When Jessica is not out making the world a better place she loves spending time with family and friends, whether that is in our pool in the backyard, taking our daughter skiing at our mountain house in Hidden Valley, baking cookies with our daughter (that's my favorite), reading books before bed, or just having a mommy-daughter day. 

Not only has Jessica made our daughter’s and my lives complete and full she has friendships new and old that love and admire her and that alone speaks volumes to the woman and mother she is. 

Our Family

Other children: Yes, Jocelyn who is 5 years old

Pets: Yorkie mix, Freddy (2 years old)

Fun fact about our family: We love to eat all types of dishes and probably eat out more than we should

Traditions: Sunday dinners, family vacations, friend vacations, family holidays and summer BBQs. We also have a condo at Hidden Valley that we love to get away to during all 4 seasons.

About Jocelyn:

Jocelyn recently turned 5 years old and is a truly blessed child of God. She is very intelligent, and it shows in how much she loves going to her PreK class. She is also naturally athletic and loves basketball, baseball, gymnastics, and has recently started cheerleading. Jocelyn honestly has a knack for picking really great little friends with wonderful families, and naturally gravitates toward taking care of children. If there is a baby in the vicinity, she is asking if she can hold him or her! We absolutely love watching the world through her eyes. It seems that colors are a little brighter and sounds are a little crisper since she has joined us. Exploring new things as a family is really our favorite thing to do. Our days usually wind down with Jocelyn chatting and telling us about little happenings of her day (even if we were there). It’s so fun to hear her version of life. We adore watching her grow and know that she would love to have a sibling to share her world with.

Our Home

We live in a two-story, 4 bedroom home outside of Pittsburgh, in a very family-friendly suburban community. On a warm spring day, there are children playing outside and many, many families walking dogs and strollers around and stopping to talk to each other. It is a joke in our house that Ryan takes our dog, Freddy, for a walk every evening to stop and talk to one of our older neighbors and catch up on their days.  Jessica’s parents live on the other end of our street, so we are there often, even if just stopping by to say a quick hello. We also have a lot of playgrounds in our area, where we often go so that Jocelyn can conquer the monkey bars!

We are fortunate to have a large backyard that is tree-lined, where we have an inground swimming pool and a playset, as well as a patio area. We love to share this space as often as possible, by hosting friends and family.

In addition to the physical aspects of our home, this house is filled with love and laughter, respect and faith. We treat each other with respect, and we pray every day before bed and at meals. And we are prepared to envelop another family member with that same love.