Meet Mike and Katie

Hello!  Our names are Mike and Katie, and we appreciate you taking the time to visit our profile page.  Each of us has wanted to be a parent for as long as we can remember.  After years of trying unsuccessfully to become pregnant naturally, we believe that God is calling us to adopt to start our family.  Our families are very excited and supportive of our decision.  We all have a lot of love to give and can’t wait to welcome a child into our home and hearts.  We can’t imagine how difficult this decision is for you.  Please know that we admire your strength and courage, and we pray for your peace and happiness daily.

Mike and Katie

About Mike

Mike has lived in Erie his entire life except for a six year period right after college where he lived in Warren, PA.  He works as an auditor. He enjoys reading, running, watching baseball and football, golfing, and traveling.  Mike is a huge New York Mets and New York Giants fan.  Our home office is decorated with memorabilia he has collected over the years.  He also collects baseball cards and estimates that he has about 30,000!   He enjoys being outdoors particularly in the summertime, but the cold Erie winters don’t prevent him from walking and running outside that time of year! Mike played baseball when he was growing up and ran cross country at his high school and college.  Mike likes to learn new things and is currently teaching himself to play the piano.

About Katie

Katie was born and raised in Erie.  She loves the city so much that she left for four years to attend college and came right back after graduation.  She works in the financial industry in Erie.  Katie loves to golf, travel, and go to concerts.  She loves all types of music, but especially enjoys going to country music concerts.  Katie learned to sail last summer and races with a local team.  Additionally, Katie spends a lot of her time volunteering for the not-for-profit boards she serves on.  Her dad’s love of the Pittsburgh Pirates wore off on her, and she enjoys watching baseball games and is a Penn State football fan.  Katie played several sports growing up including softball, volleyball, and basketball.   She also took dance lessons.  Katie swam competitively in high school and college and also played water polo.  She can’t wait to see what interests her child might have some day!   

Our Beginning

After some hesitation, we both signed up for about seven years ago.  Thank goodness we did because a day didn’t go by after our first date at Starbucks where we didn’t talk….unless you count the three days Mike thought he needed to wait after the date to call Katie so he wouldn’t seem too eager! We had an instant connection and figured out that Katie and Mike’s sister graduated from high school together.  Even stranger, Katie and Mike’s sister were born a day a part in the same hospital.  We joke that we have known each other for Katie’s whole life since Mike is five years older and visited his sister in the hospital.  We were engaged on Valentine’s Day, just like Katie’s grandparents, and have been married for almost six years. 

Our Lives Together

Both Mike and Katie work Monday through Friday during the day and are off on weekends.  We love spending time with our cat, Bailey.  We call him a “dog-cat” because he is super friendly, likes to cuddle, and always greets us at door when we come home.  During the weekends, Mike and Katie attend church together on Sundays.  We also like to take advantage of all that Erie has to offer.  We go to the various ethnic festivals downtown, the 8 Great Tuesday concerts at the amphitheater, the Festival of the Trees around Christmas, and Family Night at the live horse races.  We enjoy playing golf and putt-putt and getting ice cream at Sara’s.  We are also happy staying home, making a pizza, and watching a movie.  We try to take a vacation each year because we both love to explore new places and try new things.  We don’t plan to stop being active once we have a family….we can’t wait to bring our child along for the fun!

Our Families

We are blessed that both sets of parents, Mike’s sister and her family, and Katie’s brother and his family all live in Erie.  Mike has two grandmothers that also live in Erie.  Mike’s sister has three boys – ages 12, 9, and 2.  Katie’s brother has three girls – ages 7, 5, and 2.  We are fortunate to spend every holiday and birthday with family and lots of days in between.   We absolutely adore our nieces and nephews and love playing hide-and-go-seek, coloring, watching them in school plays, going to the zoo, painting at Claytopia, and going swimming with them.  They can’t wait to have another cousin to teach and laugh with!

Our Home

We live in a split level home on a quiet street in a suburb of Erie.  We have four bedrooms, two bathrooms, and a finished basement.   We have a deck where we enjoy eating and playing board games on summer nights.  We have a large yard with lots of room to run around and there are several trees to keep it shaded.  We have a vegetable garden and lots of flowers.  We belong to the YMCA, so we are close to a swimming pool and several playgrounds.