Meet Matt and Diane

Hello! We are Matt and Diane. We both are teachers and have always pictured children in our lives.  We do not have any biological children, but between the two of us, we have had hundreds (if not thousands) of children in our lives almost on a daily basis. We have had the opportunity to educate, motivate, inspire, love, coach, and encourage students of different ages, backgrounds, and abilities. We truly hope that one day; we will be able to do all of those things and more when we grow our family of two into three.

Our road to parenthood has been a bumpy one. After trying on our own to grow our family, we found out that we were going to need medical interventions in order to do so.  After a few years of infertility treatments and miscarriage, our hearts were turned toward adoption.

We know that we are not alone on this journey; we are excited (and a bit nervous) to meet you and start what hopefully will be a very meaningful and lifelong relationship.


About Matt

Matt grew up in Pittsburgh, PA with his dad, mom, twin sisters, and half-sister.  Matt loved sports at an early age. His parents had season tickets to Pitt Football games.  As a family, they would attend games on the weekends. Matt also participated in athletics the majority of his life. He played baseball as a child and then moved into basketball and football. He played both of these sports during his high school career.  As a child, Matt spent a lot of time with his cousins and grandparents during the summer months while his parents worked.  He has wonderful memories of family vacations together, especially to Disney World and Rehoboth Beach.  Rehobeth Beach is still a favorite vacation spot today.

Matt attended college in Indiana, PA. He graduated with a bachelor’s of science degree in Social Studies Education 6-12.  Matt is currently a 10th grade world history and psychology teacher. He has been teaching in same district for 11 years. Along with teaching, Matt is very activity in the athletic program in his district. When he first started teaching, he was the high school girls’ softball coach for a couple of years as well as the middle school football coach.  Matt is currently the head 8th grade boys’ basketball and head middle school track coach.

When he is not coaching or teaching, you can find Matt at different Pittsburgh sporting events or just enjoying the outdoors.

About Diane

Diane grew up in Pittsburgh, PA with her dad, mom, and sister.  Growing up she was involved in gymnastics, clubs at school, and active in her church youth group. Diane loved summertime because her and her sister would spend every Tuesday with their grandma. She would pick them up, take them to lunch, go mini golfing, and then back to her grandparent’s house to swim.  Diane’s family also went on family vacations each year to different beaches, but her favorite spot is Cape Cod. Cape Cod is still a favorite vacation spot today, but instead of summer visits, we visit around Christmas time. Her sister and family fly in from England, and her brother-in-laws family comes up from New York.

Diane attended college in Greensburg, PA.  She graduated with a bachelor’s of science degree in Family and Consumer Sciences Education k-12. Diane is currently a middle school Family and Consumer Sciences teacher (what Home Ec used to be, but so much more!). She has been teaching for 12 years in the same district she attended as a child.  She teaches 6th, 7th, and 8th grade. She is the student council sponsor and fashion club sponsor in the district.

Along with teaching, Diane’s other passion is baking.  It is a great stress reliever as well as place to unleash her creativity.  Diane participated in a couple of cake decorating classes at Joann Fabrics, but also learned different techniques by watching online tutorials.

Our Beginning

It all started with boneless wings and Pittsburgh pizza back in 2009.  Mutual friends, Amy and Billy, invited us out one afternoon for happy hour. Diane shared her pizza with Matt, which made Matt feel like he HAD to share his wings with her. We both were attending separate events that night, but ending up leaving the restaurant at the same time. Matt hugged Diane in parking lot (which was unusual for him) and we parted ways.  Two days later the Steelers won the Super Bowl, Matt figured Diane was good luck, and the rest is history! 

When we met, we both were at the beginning of our teaching careers. This was nice because we both were transitioning into the next chapter of our lives.  We would spend time together with friends on the weekends and really got the chance to get to know each other.  Summertime was great because we both had the time off and got to spend a lot of time together.  Matt proposed in May of 2010, and we got married on July 1, 2011.  The same month we got married, we also bought the house that we are still currently living in.

Our Lives Together

We love to spend quality time together.  Although we both are very involved in the districts we work in, we make family time a priority whether it is just us or visiting with our extended families.  At least one weekend a month consists of family time at Diane’s grandparent’s house or a trip to Matt’s mom’s house. Along with family time, spending time with our friends is also important. We have a close-knit group of friends who have supported us immensely on our path to parenthood and are excited for this next chapter.

A couple of years ago, we joined a local boxing gym. It has been a great experience! It gives us time together doing something different and keeps us active and healthy.  When we are not boxing, Matt enjoys running our local park, and Diane enjoys working out to exercise dvds at home. We both value having healthy and active lifestyles.

In our free time, we enjoy going to the movies, eating out at our favorite restaurants, game nights, trips to the zoo, and visiting museums in Pittsburgh. Last summer, we joined a neighborhood pool so we are looking forward to spending the summer days out in the sun.

We attend a Presbyterian Church near our house. It is the church that Diane attended as a child; her mom still attends as well.  Although Matt grew up Catholic, once we got married (in the church we attend), we attend services there together.

Our Families

We are very lucky to have a lot of extended family close to us.  We are able to get together with our families often and enjoy spending time together whether it is celebrating holidays, birthdays, or just hanging out.  Diane’s mom Sue, grandparents Hank and Dot (her dad’s parents), Uncle Bill, and cousins Melina, Brandon, Jody, Allie all live within an hour of us. Matt’s mom Maureen, sister Kelly, and nephew Teddy also live close.  

We also have family out of town. We wish they lived closer so we can see them more often, but it does give us some awesome places to visit!  Diane’s older sister Bethany lives in England with her husband Dan and their daughter Cecily. Diane’s grandparents Richard and Ona (her mom’s parents) live in Georgia. Diane also has aunts, uncles, and cousins in Tennessee, Texas, and California. Matt’s other sister Katie lives in Florida with her husband Derek.  Matt’s half-sister Beth also lives in Florida with her husband Tom. Their son Dylan is currently in Wake Forest. Matt also has uncles, aunts, and cousins in Virginia and South Carolina.

Our Home

When we bought a house, we knew that we wanted one that could grow with us. Diane had moved a few times in her life and wanted to stay put for a while.  Our home is a town house with three bedrooms, two full bathrooms, and two half bathrooms.  We have a finished basement that opens to a backyard patio and to the garage. The main level of our house has our living room, kitchen, laundry, and dining room (which opens to a small back deck). The upstairs houses the three bedrooms. When we bought the house, we had our future in mind and made sure the house was in a high performing school district and safe neighborhood. Our neighborhood has a community playground, tennis court, and basketball court. We also belong to a private swimming pool that is about 10 minutes away. Our home is close to multiple parks, the zoo, museums, and the city.