Meet Lou and Emily

Thank you for visiting our profile page! Our names are Lou and Emily and we live in Millcreek.  We are very excited to be starting this stage of our life together to form a family of three!  After experiencing a miscarriage and going through a lot of thought and prayer, we have decided that adoption is the path that God is leading us on.  Both of us have seen adoptions in our extended families so we can see the greatness that can result from forming a family in this way.  Having the support of both of our families when we shared our thoughts only helped to solidify that we are on the right path.  We are excited to share our love and enthusiasm with each other in a new way as we transition into being mom and dad!  We pray that God will give us the grace to be great parents for a child that He has planned for us.   We are excited about the journey that is in store for all of us! 

Our Beginning

We are both pretty private and shy people until you get to know us.  Neither of us had been in a serious relationship before meeting so when we met thru acquaintances at a party, everything seemed to just click instantly.  We originally bonded over similar music interests, but then started to realize that we were all around better and happier people when we were together.  We really do bring out the best in each other.  Emily can be rather serious, so Lou reminds her to relax and have fun.  Lou, on the other hand, can be somewhat too easygoing, so Emily helps bring about some organization and logical thinking!  

About a year after dating, Lou proposed during a picnic at Presque Isle State Park after only a little bantering from Emily of when the special day was going to happen!  To Emily’s surprise, Lou had arranged for both of their parents to come to Erie the next night to help them celebrate.  We celebrated over dinner and then went to a Seawolves Game where we were introduced on the big screen as just getting engaged.  Fireworks ended an incredible day and evening and the start of a great future together!  

Our Lives Together

Exactly one year after getting engaged, we were married at St. George Church in Erie.  Our family and friends helped celebrate the day and have been very supportive to us throughout our marriage.  A year after being married, we purchased a home in Millcreek in hopes of starting a family. 

Our daily lives together are pretty routine since both of us work full time jobs.  When we are not working, we love spending our free time together.  We both love to cook and try our best experimenting with different recipes.  We like to make meal time a top priority where we can sit down after prayer and share our ups and downs of the day.  In addition, we are pretty active people.  We have run many races, love biking and kayaking, watching movies, camping, and hanging out with friends.  We also enjoy going to the local gym together on a regular basis and we even joke that we can turn grocery shopping into a date!  It’s not unusual after a long day to see us at the Peninsula or running to local park about a mile away from our house (of course stopping for ice cream on our way sometimes is a must!)

About Lou

Lou is originally from Butler, PA which is about two hours from Erie.  Lou works in Erie as a Plastics Engineer and really enjoys what he does.  Lou’s favorite holiday is Halloween and loves everything about it.  This might be why one of his favorite things to do with his niece is slaying dragons whenever he is home in Saint Marys.  Lou enjoys working out, playing video games, and finding new foods to grill outside.  As a child, he loved to explore outside and he can’t wait to one day share that sense of adventure with his own child!

About Emily

Emily is originally from Saint Marys, PA which is about two and a half hours from Erie.  Emily is a teacher at a Catholic High School and loves the joy of working with students.  She has continued her education while teaching and received two Masters Degree to help her with her career.  An introvert at heart, Emily loves being outside and finding new places to explore.  Emily’s favorite holiday is Christmas as she loves the lights, sounds, and smells of the season.  Her favorite Christmas gift is the Polar Express train that goes around the tree as she can’t wait to one day share the magic of the train and the season with her own child!

Our Families

We were raised in very similar family settings.  Lou has an older sister that lives in Butler and Emily has an older brother that lives in Saint Marys, both of whom are now married.  Both families have extremely close roots.  We love having the opportunities to spend weekends with our families as much as possible.  Even being the short distance that it is, we often find it hard to get home as much as we would like.  Our top priority, though, is spending holidays with family.  We make it a point to celebrate Easter, Thanksgiving and Christmas with both families.  It is not unusual to celebrate a week or two early or late just so we can have time together.  Nothing is better than a double celebration for each!  We are looking forward to all the new traditions that will come as we grow as a family! 

Lou’s parents are anxiously waiting for a first grandchild and Emily’s parents are excited to be adding a new addition.  We know it is going to be tough when the baby joins our family to keep the grandparents from not spoiling him or her.  We’re sure they will be spending so much time in Erie!  They have so much love to pour out and can’t wait for the day they are able to do this. 

Our Home

We own a two-story home in a very nice neighborhood.  The neighborhood is very quiet and has lots of area to walk with a stroller on beautiful days.   We have a nice backyard and enjoy sitting on our back deck when we barbecue, have fires, or even just to read a book.    We have three bedrooms and a finished basement.  The spare bedrooms are empty, and we would love to turn one of them into a nursery real soon!  We already have plans for an Elephant and Piggy (Mo Willems) theme!  Emily used to work in a children’s library, so we definitely have the books to add to the baby shelf!