Meet Heath and Nicole

Dear Friend, 

Thanks for opening our profile page!  We’re excited to tell you about us and our life in Arlington, VA.  Maybe we’ll even get to meet some day… 

Nicole grew up in Erie and still has a large portion of her family there.  As a result, we visit Erie multiple times per year as it is.  But we absolutely love living near DC and are excited to raise a child in the semi-urban, diverse and safe environment our neighborhood offers. 

We have been blessed with several pregnancies over the years but all have ended in miscarriages.  When the idea of adoption came up, we immediately felt a sense of relief and calmness that there’s another way for us to create a family – we truly feel adoption is part of God’s plan for us. 

Summarizing life in a few sentences is tough, but we’ll give it a try: We’ve spent our time pre-kids working, traveling and volunteering with several groups and initiatives in DC.  Our biggest focus is to contribute to efforts that connect people of various backgrounds, as we feel the root of most problems is a lack of compassion and understanding for each other.  We intend to continue these efforts even as parents, ensuring that any children we have receive the benefit of experiencing other cultures and helping others.  

Most importantly, know that we feel an immense amount of respect for you for taking the time to even consider adoption.  Sending much love and wishes of health, comfort and support your way! 

Heath & Nicole

About Heath

Heath spent most of his childhood in Ohio and earned his Electrical Engineering degree at Purdue University.  He later earned his Masters degree, also in Electrical Engineering, from Virginia Tech.  He now works as a Program Manager at a large, stable company. He is SUCH an extrovert -- very outgoing, confident and enjoys meeting and learning from new people. He also has a great grasp of work-life balance: he's a hard worker but lives the mantra of working to live, not living to work. His hobbies include camping, skiing, kayaking, watching sports, grilling, entertaining and hosting others.

About Nicole

Nicole was born and raised in Erie and earned her Aerospace Engineering degree at Penn State University.  She later earned her Masters degree in the same field through University of Virginia.  Nicole is extremely caring and compassionate. She cares deeply for her family, friends and even the complete stranger. She's very dependable and has a strong drive to help others around her.  Nicole enjoys staying active and spends a lot of her free time volunteering at their church.

Our Beginning

We met at social event through work shortly after Nicole moved to DC.  Things got serious when Nicole was offered a year-and-a-half job rotation in Los Angeles, and Heath immediately supported her decision to take it.  We got married shortly after Nicole’s return to DC in 2011.

Our Lives Together

Obviously not everything went according to our plans, but we’ve certainly tried to make the best of it.  We’ve spent the years we’ve been married supporting each other in our careers, traveling around the world together, and developing our relationship as husband and wife.  We feel this has made us stronger as a couple and better prepared to handle the shift to parenthood.  We are looking forward to incorporating children and allowing family to become our primary focus.

Our Families

We have a tightly-knit and fun family that is ecstatic to take in new members. Our future children will have extremely caring and loving grandparents who have a passion for kids and want to spoil them with love (and presents!). They will also have several cousins currently ranging in age from 1-12 years who are outgoing and ready to have an even bigger family.  Our friends began having adorable babies of their own starting a few years ago. This means plenty of play-dates and time with great people who have supported us over many years.

And we can’t leave out our dear pup!  Cincy is a 30-pound Lab/Terrier mix that we adopted together when she was 1 year old.  She loves life, playtime and naps.

Our Home

We bought a house that had room to grow, and we made it happen! We both grew up learning how to work on houses and knew we could make our place a wonderful home for a family. After years of hard work, we've created a comfortable and modern house that's perfect for the frequent visits by our family's and friends' children. The house is in a beautiful DC suburb that has the benefits of being near a city with the safety and convenience of a smaller town. Within walking distance, we can get to an elementary school, numerous parks and playgrounds, and plenty of places to explore. A short metro ride away provides all that DC has to offer: museums, more parks, and access to various festival, sporting and cultural events. Arlington offers a diverse neighborhood where people of various backgrounds, cultures and races are neighbors.