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Meet Tony & Janet

  • Tony
  • Occupation:
  • Education:
    BS Applied Mathematics; BS Computer Science
  • Religion:
  • Hobbies:
    sports, all things dogs, music, movies, computers
  • Favorite TV Show:
    Amazing Race & Big Bang Theory
  • Favorite Food:
  • Favorite Date Night:
    Dinner & movie
  • Janet
  • Occupation:
    Stay at home Mom, Christmas Toy Drive Regional Director (volunteer), Hospice (volunteer)
  • Education:
    BA Communications; Certificate in Pastoral Ministry
  • Religion:
  • Hobbies:
    Animal advocate, baking, extreme couponing, making a house our family home
  • Favorite TV Show:
    Survivor & Bachelor
  • Favorite Food:
  • Favorite Date Night:
    Picnic in the park followed by a hike around the lake

About Tony & Janet

For this child I prayed and the Lord has granted the desires of my heart. 1 Samuel 1:27



Our names are Tony & Janet. We are so hopeful and very excited about growing our family through adoption again! We have been together for 14 years (married 11 years). Our desire to parent is natural, deep, and strong. Because of “unexplainable infertility,” we are not able to have biological children. The best day of our life was when we found out that we were chosen by our birthmom to adopt her son! Another best day was when we first met our child! We are so very grateful; we love our birthmom and Adoption by Choice for forming our family!!!



We are completely interested in creating an open adoption! We are happy to build upon the relationship that you choose. We care about you, so let us know what you need. We would be happy to maintain and build a loving relationship over the years. As parents to an adopted child, we find that an open adoption is important. We want our son to know his birthmommy. It’s valuable that he knows who he is, where he came from, and that most importantly he remains to be loved. He needs to know that he started in a very loving environment and joined a family and entered into a community where this love continues and that he is in a safe, stable and welcoming environment. We want our son to have a complete self identity and the opportunity to build relationships with his birth family. We don’t want our son to grow up with unknowns.



The relationship that we have with our son’s birthmommy is open. We chat on the phone, share pictures, write notes, get together, etc. During one of our visits, we took a picture of our son and his birthmommy. This picture is framed and proudly displayed in his room.



We, Tony and Janet, had excellent upbringings and love sharing the core values of a loving, stable, and faith filled family with our child. This is us: sound judgment and strong roots. We have been praying for you in your journey and ask that you also pray for us in ours. Our journey together is just beginning!!!





Tony is a Manager for the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania and is well accomplished at work. He is admired by his coworkers and managers. Both on and off the job, Tony is a man of his word and follows thru on commitments. He is loved by all and has five Godchildren. He is an adoring husband and loves his family. Daddy/Uncle Tony rocks! He enjoys all things sports! He is the world’s best dad and loves being with his family. He loves doing all things dad, playing baseball with his nephews, and supporting the local sports teams.





Early in their marriage, Janet worked as a corporate trainer and chose to leave her job, with a four hour daily commute, to focus more on the life that she and Tony were building. By nature, Janet is off the charts with compassion, love, generosity, and faith. She is a stay at home mom, hospice volunteer, and a Regional Toy Drive Coordinator for the Pennsylvania Police Athletic League. Through church, Janet is also able to minister to folks who are nearing their end of life journey. She absolutely loves animals and works tirelessly to re-home those abused, abandoned, or chained. Organizing play groups, attending mommy and me classes, participating in story time at several area libraries, all while providing an environment where our son can thrive just comes so naturally to Janet. She especially loves being a mom (best job that she has ever had!!), spending time with our nephews, watching all grow and helping them to have fun along the way!





We met at a Christian Singles dance. After taking a break on the dance floor, Janet walked outside for some fresh air and saw Tony! Little did we know on that Friday night, our life together just began! Our life is filled with the amazing gift of love and we are best friends! Every day, we have fun joking and making each other laugh.



Joined by 200 family and friends, we married three years later. Folks traveled far and wide to celebrate our marriage; several were in attendance from other countries, states, cities, etc. We planned a ballroom wedding and were gifted with the musical talents of a 12 piece brass band. We honeymooned on an Alaskan cruise. Our storybook wedding was amazing!





Our lives together are truly awesome! We both practice and serve at various social ministries in our church. As we grow together spiritually, we are learning how to better service others. We love family time that includes Winston, our adopted dog. He is well behaved, great with children, and an amazing big brother!



Winston is one special dude…he received weekly chemo treatments, eats a diet supplemented with homemade foods, and is now a cancer survivor!!! Additionally, we have been asked to lead an informal support group for other folks who are attempting the fight against animal cancers. Obviously, we would go to any lengths to keep a child healthy and safe!



Janet was asked to become a (volunteer) Regional Director for the Police Athletic League’s Christmas Toy Drive. Now, our entire family is involved! We want our son to learn the value and importance of giving back and leaving the world a better place than what was originally found. This volunteer position is perfect because our son is able to join his mom while volunteering. The reward…the magic of Christmas is now shared by all, given to children who would otherwise be without.





We are very close to both of our families. Marriage means commitment and span decades on both sides. There is no history of divorce on either side within our immediate families. This year, we are honored to help plan Janet’s parents 50th wedding anniversary! In a big way, we all love to celebrate every holiday. In the summer, we rent a large house on the water and have a big family vacation. We have a huge extended family of grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins, friends who became family, and children. Our church family is amazing and absolutely loves to watch our son grow and be a part of his life. We have such fantastic resources and people to help and raise our son. We are all praying that we can welcome a new family member! Hope surrounds our journey and we want to welcome you along!





We live in a quiet community within an excellent, nationally ranked school district. Our tree lined cul-de-sac street is located with quick access to schools, playgrounds, ball fields, hospitals, museums, cultural events, and fantastic parks! Our town has a thriving community outreach program offering classes, trips, and sporting instruction. We live in a very comfortable and inviting four bedroom home with three bathrooms (3,400 square feet). Our home sits on a nearly two acre, fenced in, level lot with mature trees and foliage. Our son loves that his playhouse has been set up right inside his playroom, which he is able to enjoy with his cousins and friends day/night, any season of the year! We are having such fun designing more nurseries for the baby! We get along very well with all of our neighbors who are also guests at our parties. Tony is the best grillmaster ever and especially loves hosting barbecues. Janet created a neighborhood watch program and we all step up when someone steps out. We watch eachothers’ homes, get mail and papers, offer rides, volunteer to be the other’s babysitter, etc. Each family helps their neighbors creating a close and vibrant community.











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