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Meet Andrew & Sara

About Andrew & Sara

Greetings! We are so happy for you to learn a bit about us, our family, and our life as we know it. Our names are Andrew and Sara. We are both in our mid 30's. Our home is a cozy Cape Cod style home sitting on almost an acre of land. As parents, our relationship is full of love, honesty, and adventure. Our home is filled with positive energy and consists of our daughter, Francesca, who is 3 years old, and our Golden Doodle Bailey, who is 5 years old. We lead a loving and active lifestyle.



I have never met anyone who didn't love Andrew.  He is the life of the party and can strike up a conversation with anyone about anything.  His outgoing personality also makes him successful when providing for our family.  Andrew is a Business Instructor and leader of the business Division at our local community college.  He truly loves his job and enjoys teaching students.  Andrew has a true love for nature and outdoors.  You can find him out scoring anyone on the basketball court, hiking, biking, on a wake-board, or roasting s'mores by the fire.  If he's outside, he is happy.  Once our daughter, Francesca was born, I saw Andrew in a whole new light.  His love for our daughter is infectious.  He will be the first to play princesses and put on a tiara, because he knows it makes Francesca happy.  Andrew puts family first in any situation and has a strong bond with his two older brothers.  His love, support and personality are just a few reasons of why he's the love of my life.  





The first thing that anyone can see in Sara is her passion for everything. She has a passion for life, family, friends, her career, and everything she is involved in. Sara's passion for life keeps us on the move. When she wakes up, be ready to go and experience all that life has to offer. (working out, running, biking, tennis, basketball, hiking, swimming, festivals, parks, concerts...) Her passion for our family is one of a kind.  You can find her side by side or hand in hand with our daughter pretty much all day long. They have a bond that is truly magical. Dancing in the kitchen, shouting lyrics to Disney movies, giggling over Snapchat's they create, playing outside, reading books, working on puzzles or just cuddling on the couch are some of their favorite activities. She also always makes sure Bailey is involved in all we do.  Sara is very close with her family and friends too.  She is the first one to lend a helping hand, an ear for listening or a shoulder for leaning on.  I never met a such an amazing woman before.  Sara loves her job as an elementary school teacher. She is a natural when it comes to teaching children due to her huge heart and a lot of patience.   There is so much about her that I love and I know the feelings are mutual. Sara is one of a kind and I am the luckiest man alive to have her by my side!





Francesca is the best thing that ever happened to our family.  She is a blessing that we thank God for each and every day.  You can catch her in a princess dress at any time, while her curly hair is a mess and her face is covered in chocolate.  Her personality and joy makes any person that she comes into contact with smile.  She is smart, intuitive, and loves to learn, play, and imagine!  She's going to make the best big sister!  Francesca loves to sing, dance, learn, swim, eat, and play.  She's such a joyous little girl.  We also have an almost human Golden Doodle named Bailey.  Bailey is so well mannered and loves to play with Francesca!





Andrew and I met on a blind date!  We met through mutual friends and immediately became friends, realized similarities, and saw each other every day thereafter.  Our interests and hobbies are what bond us.  We enjoy playing (and competing in) any sport together be it tennis, basketball, running in a race, or being workout partners at the gym.  We enjoy being together!  We are always on the go, but stopping for ice cream is a must!  Some of our travels together took us across the United States as well as visiting family and touring Italy, and exploring new hiking trails.  We got married on July 31, 2010. 





We love to be outdoors!  Swimming, biking, paddle boarding, surfing,  going to a picnic at the park, kayaking, or visiting our local farms to pick berries are make us happiest!  Adding another loving child to our adventures would make our family complete!  We love the community in which we live!  Andrew and Sara give basketball and tennis lessons to kids in the area.  Our local theater is always putting on fantastic shows that we support. During the holidays, we ring the Salvation Army bell to raise money for those in need.  The final picture is of Sara and her coworker on career day at school.





Sara’s family:  First, her grandfather is such an influential part of her life.  They cherish every moment together.  Sara's father, Frank, is Francesca's "Jedo".  Sara sees her father at his happiest when he's spending time with Francesca.  The special women in Sara's life consist of her Mother, Grandmother and God Mother.   These women are Sara's foundation.  She learned to work hard, love endlessly, and always be true to who she is.  Sara wouldn't be the woman she is today without them. Sara has one brother, Adam, who is three years younger than her. She is very close with her brother and sister in law, Courtney.  We love them very much.  They are Francesca's God Parents. 
Andrew’s family:  Andrew's family means the world to him.  These are the ones who instilled his work ethic, solid morals and his love for his friends and family.  His Mom, Sally (Grammy) and father William (Poppy) are such important pieces of our lives.  His brother Will is married to Lauren (Aunt Lo).  Andrew also has a foster brother, Pat, who is married to Joyce and two nieces, Mailly and McCall.

Family means so much to us.  Our family consists of many extended aunts, uncles, and cousins!  Both sides are very close to us. Not only do we love our family here at home, but we have a large family in Italy as well!  Andrew and Sara have been to Italy twice (once with Francesca).  Their Italian family has visited the United States countless times.  Every few years, we plan a trip either here or there.  Francesca's favorite part about Italy is the pasta and her cousins!  




We love our home!  In October of 2011, we moved in and love it more and more!  Our neighbors have turned into some of our best friends. Our home sits on a corner lot and is very charming.  Since we moved in, we have made many changes!  Our back deck, which runs the whole width of the house hosts many outdoor picnics in the summer months.  We recently added a large driveway to ride bikes, shoot basketball and draw with chalk.  Each of the rooms in our home has been remodeled and upgraded to fit our lifestyle.   We also live in a fantastic school district.  It's the district that Sara teaches in. 









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