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Meet Roberto & Irma

About Roberto & Irma

Hello! Our names are Irma and Roberto, we met in 2010 and we got married in August 2012; Since our inception our goal has been to form a beautiful family, we are very excited and eager to open this wonderful chapter in our lives to become parents through adoption, due to medical circumstances we cannot have biological children. We thank you in advance for taking the time to analyze our profile, be assured that with the guidance of God, our dedication, and infinite love, we will be the best parents; We will let you know of your difficult and loving decision and will always be in our prayers, God bless you at all times.



Roberto and Irma



Roberto comes from a large family, he is the 9th child out of 14. Although his academic preparation is basic he is very smart and it has not stopped him from being successful in life, striding to live the best life possible. Roberto is very hardworking and dedicated, now he is the owner and manager of a restaurant and a small rental property company, he has always worked hard to provide the essentials for his family; I could say that he has a passion for work, he is an excellent cook, he enjoys cooking on his grill on his day off, he loves to travel, to know places and learn about his culture, he likes to swim and take rides in his Kayak. Roberto is very respectful to all creatures and humans, always taking into consideration the needs of one. With a big heart and a strong mind he is very independent, but will help whoever needs it.





She comes from a small but united family, she only has a brother. When given the opportunity she enjoys spending quality time with her family. Her life has not been easy at all, but with the help and guidance of God, Irma has overcome adversity, in December 2010 she suffered the loss of her only son in a car accident. With every ounce of love she has to give, she would like to give it to someone who doesn’t have it. She has an incredible strength and every day she works to be a better person, she has a great love for animals, she loves to exercise, to swim, to take walks, to read, and to enjoy nature, she is very spiritual and could say that God provides the strength and purity in her life. God plays a very important role in the making of her family.





Our love destined to be from the very beginning. In early 2010 Roberto was taking a trip to visit his family in México, upon that trip he met me. The first year was quite difficult for us both I had lost my son and Roberto his mother, but it didn’t stop our love. Our bond was inseparable and with the acceptance of god. As our friendship grew our love expanded and two years later we got married.





We spend most of our time together as a whole, whether we are working, or doing activities around the house and in town we always make things fun. These past 6 years we have visited many beautiful places in the American Union, Canada and Mexico. Alone or in the company of our families we really enjoy to travel and have fun doing so. We both know our lives would be complete if we had a child to share it with. Our lives would be transformed for the better, a love we have always looked for, and hopefully can have.





We enjoy every opportunity we get to see our families. We plan an annual vacation together whether; we go to Mexico or they come to the United States, they are a fundamental part of our lives. My mother is very excited and anxious to become a grandmother and when we talk we will always make a comment on how wonderful and blessed the day we will be when we hold that perfectly pure and beautiful baby in our arms. And that day cannot come faster, with great hope as we lay our faith with God.


We live in a beautiful one story home with an attached garage  in a quiet neighborhood. We live in walking distance of the lake and across the street from a kid friendly park. Our house has three bedrooms, two full bathrooms, living room, kitchen and a dining room connected to our back patio which continues to our large fenced in back yard. We spend our days off in the back grilling and having picnics in the company of friends and family.









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