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Meet Katrina & Kevin

About Katrina & Kevin

Hello! We are Kevin, Katrina and Lexton. Kevin and I have been married for 12 wonderful years. We have a son, Lexton, and he is the most wonderful, joyous gift from God! Kevin and I met when I was finishing college, getting my education as a Social Worker, getting ready to start nursing school to become a Registered Nurse. Kevin, at the time, was working as a Nuclear Welder in California, after discharging from the Navy as a Search and Rescue Swimmer. He took me by storm, and showed me so much love...I knew he was a gift and the husband that God wanted me to have. We married in 2004. We enjoyed being together, just the two of us for eight years. During those years, we really got to know one another as husband and wife, and grew as a couple. We decided we wanted children, and were so wonderfully Blessed with Lexton. After having him, we truly realized that children are the most wonderful and amazing gift that God ever gives. He is by far, our greatest accomplishment. We waited about two years to try for another baby....because we wanted to enjoy Lexton, and our time with him. Due to a medical condition, we are not able to have any more biological children. But, after trusting in God, we know without a doubt, this is a Blessing! God has a child out there somewhere that needs us.... all of us, including Lexton. Our joy and excitement about that child is indescribable! We are committed to any level of openness and will honor your requests for ongoing communication! Thank you so much for considering our family. We pray every day for you and your baby.


Kevin is the greatest man I have ever known. He is loving beyond words, the greatest husband & father there is, and one of the funniest people you will ever meet! As I said previously, Kevin took me by storm.... and he truly did! I know with no doubt that he loves me with all of his heart. He shows his love to me and Lexton with not only his words, but with his heart. He loves and cares deeply for his family, but he doesn't have to try, that's who Kevin is. The Love he has for Lexton and me is evident in everything he does. He Loves being a father, and my joy overflows as I watch them together. Kevin's love for Lexton is real and unconditional. God's gift to Kevin is the ability to love everyone. Kevin is also very funny... one of the first qualities that I fell in love with. He makes me laugh everyday. He always has a funny story to tell over supper. God gave Kevin to me as a wonderful husband, father and friend. He is the Love of my life and I cherish him always!



From the first time I saw Katrina I thought what a beautiful woman she was then and still is today (I have to say, I think she gets more and more beautiful everyday!). I remember her back then as being very funny and she made what I thought was the funniest expressions, which I loved. As I got to know her better, I knew that she was truly in love with ME for who I was and not for any other reason. A day doesn't go by that I do not ever doubt her love for me and Lexton. She is a match for me, for I don't always like to talk about things, but she does and that is good for me and us. She has given up a full time career as a Registered Nurse, to raise Lexton and not send him to a day care; that melts my heart that she loves Lexton that much to put him before herself. The job of raising a little boy by herself when I am at work is not an easy one, but she does it with grace and love. Lexton and I will ever be grateful for her sacrifice and the love she shows. Lexton will often say, how much he misses his Mommy when she is gone and I agree with him, because I do too. With the Lords help and our love for HIM and each other, we have made this small house in the mountain into a cozy and warm home. I could not imagine my life without Katrina, Lexton and GOD.



Lexton is a gift from God! He makes us smile every day. The joy that he brings is indescribable. He says the funniest things, is so loving and makes our hearts overflow with love! When he was two years old, he started calling me Honey. Kevin calls me Honey, and so Lexton did the same. I loved hearing him call me Honey. Sadly, he stopped when he was about four years old, but I loved hearing it while it lasted! He told me the other day as I cleaning the house.... "Mama, you're the funniest housekeeper ever!" He tells Kevin that he has rocks in his arms, where his muscles are. But, he also tells us both daily how much he Loves us. He is always wanting to give hugs and kisses to not only us, but to his extended family and friends as well. One of the greatest things about being a parent is to see the smile on his face when he experiences something new! This makes our hearts warm and our cup runneth over. We cannot wait to experience this again with another child! Lexton will be an awesome big brother! - Katrina



This little boy has made me so happy, I could never imagine life without him. He loves to tell me he loves me and misses me, when I am gone. I love it when he says, "Daddy, I want to snuggle with you. " His sweetness and innocence are what I love most about him. I never truly realized how precious and innocent children are until we had Lexton. He will be a great role model for his new brother or sister. I cannot wait experience all this again with another child. – Kevin



Kevin and I met when I was in college in Pennsylvania and he was living in California, working as second shift welding supervisor at Ultra Clean Technology in Silicon Valley. He was home visiting friends when we were introduced. We started visiting each other, back and forth from PA to CA, and it wasn't long until we fell in love. He moved back to Pennsylvania, where he was originally from, and we were engaged nearly a year later. We married in 2004, and bought our first home together in a small town in Pennsylvania. We moved several times due to Kevin's job, but settled in our current home in 2007. We enjoyed being married for eight years before having Lexton. That time together was wonderful. We really got to know one another and grow as a married couple. We waited to have children until we were ready and also because it was very important to both of us that we were financially stable that I could primarily stay at home with our children. Being able to stay home with Lexton has truly been a gift. We look forward to that gift again. Kevin and I Love each other very much, and our life before children has prepared us to face the sorrows of life, but also the wonderful joys and surprises!



Our life together as a family is so crazy and great! We are busy, like any family, but always make time to enjoy each other and the Blessings God has given us! We love to be outdoors; enjoying hiking, camping and kayaking. We Love the beach, and go at least twice a year. Even once winter comes, we are outside enjoying the crisp winter days, or the snow. We enjoy spending time with our family and friends, and do so often. Several times a week, we see Grandparents, Aunts/Uncles, and cousins. It's so wonderful to be together, and we look forward to having another to share in our time together!



We have a great extended family that is just as excited as we are! Both sides of Grandparents live just 10-15 minutes away. They cannot wait to be Grandparents again! We enjoy visiting them often. Kevin's brother and his wife lives about 35 minutes away.... they have three boys. We see them as often as we can. They love to play with Lexton. My sister and her husband, and brother and his wife, live about 10 minutes down the road. We have three nieces and one nephew on my side. We see them several times a week. Lexton loves to spend the night at Aunt "KaKa" & Uncle "FaFa's" house. He's called them that since he could talk, and still does. It's so sweet.... and they love it! He loves to be with his cousins, and seeing them together is wonderful! He will have so much fun with a brother or sister! Our family is very supportive and they are looking forward to another child to Love!



Our home is a cape cod style on eight acres in the mountain. We also have a large barn, where we like to play and ride bikes on rainy days. We Love our home. It is very private, but yet, only 15 minutes from town. We enjoy our quiet setting, and all the mountain has to offer. We have friends and neighbors just down the lane, and Lexton enjoys playing with his neighbor friends. Lexton says our home is "nice and lovely. " We enjoy being at home and relaxing on lazy days. Lexton loves to watch Scooby Doo on his favorite chair.









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