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Meet John & Nicole

About John & Nicole

Hello There!



We are so excited to begin a new life journey toward adoption and starting our family! Our genuine love for each other and desire to share our lives with a child has been a goal of ours for many years. Due to medical circumstances we have found that we are unable to have our own children, but we know that God has a plan for us.



We also know that God has a plan for you as well and we can promise you that your child will know that they were loved by you and that we will promise to let them know how courageous you were to be carving a special path for them. You will always be in our prayers and thoughts and we want you to know how grateful we are that you have chosen to be so selfless.



Our faith in God, our patience, our love of helping others as well as our life experiences have led us down this long road and we now want to share our love of travel, nature, education and faith with a child that is in need of a safe and nurturing home.



We would love to share our life adventures with you by keeping in contact via email, letters and photos. We appreciate your interest in our profile and look forward to sharing our life with your child. We know that this is a very difficult decision and our thoughts and prayers are with you.



God Bless.


Nicole & John





John is a Federal Investigator with the Public Defenders Office and is probably the hardest working person I have ever met. In his free time he is also a ski instructor, and has a passion for water skiing, running, biking, marathons and cooking. Seriously he is the best cook ever! You could have only mustard in the refrigerator and he could still make a great meal. John’s is an amazing snow skier- his secret talent is ski ballet!



He is also a creative thinker and loves working with people to help them harness their potential. John always takes the time to make everyone he meets feel special He is passionate about helping others and always puts others before himself.



His kind and big heart are what make everyone that meet him, love him. John is really deep down a big kid at heart, which makes him wonderful with children! He is literally my best friend and soul mate. As a husband he is always leaving me little notes to tell me how much he loves me. I could not ask for a more wonderful husband.  

Nicole is compassionate and has actively lived a life of service for children, the community and her family. Notably she is has served as a special educator in various schools. Her compassion is evident through her interactions with her students and their parents. Likewise she is an anchor of strength in her family and has always helped ensure her/my family’s needs are met. Whether coordinating holiday events, hosting special celebrations or taking care of a family member that is ill, she is always there for you.



Likewise, I am incredibly grateful for her gifts as an artist and cook. Nicole sees beauty in small moments and takes the time to celebrate tradition. Whether these are sunsets or birthdays she celebrates the small moments. (For my 30th Birthday Nicole made homemade ‘chocolate dipped s’mores on a stick’ for my birthday… a combination of my favorite foods.) Nicole also as has a passion for healthy foods and living. She puts in the time to ensure we are living as healthy as possible.



I am also grateful for Nicole’s appreciation for the outdoors and travel. Whether she is skiing in Yellowstone or kayaking in the ocean I can always count on my best friend for an adventure.



If there were one word to describe Nicole it would be loving. Love for her family, for me, for children and for the environment. I know she wants to share this love with our own child and raise him/her in the Church. I appreciate your consideration and can promise you there is no better person to care for a child. She has helped me grow as a husband and friend. I can think of no better mother to love a child.

We met on Lake Erie one summer while boating with families. John proposed very romantically with a Christmas tree lighted at the end of one of the docks where we first met, and we then married in a lighthouse on Lake Erie. It was a trifecta of lake love!



John's job required him to move often so we have lived in many states together: Colorado, Washington, Virginia and now back home in Pennsylvania where we live on the lake!

Together we enjoy biking, boating, hot yoga, cooking, and cross-country skiing. We love to travel to new places and explore. We love new activities and nature. Our favorite moments are the ones where we can find peace and joy in simple pleasures.

Our Families are genuinely excited for us to start a family and look forward to being able to spend time with our newly adopted child. We have a cousin who would love to have a buddy and another one on the way. We love spending holidays, vacations and time with our families. Our parents are only an hour away in both directions and most of our extended family lives in the area.



We currently live in a single-family three bedroom home on Lake Erie, where we have access to great schools and a safe neighborhood. We have private access to the beach and a boat launch. We share this home with our 5-year-old Newfoundland water dog, who is wonderful with children. She thinks shes a nanny. ☺









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