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Meet Jared & Amanda

About Jared & Amanda

Jared and Amanda have been married for six years, and they’ve been trying to have a biological child for the last four years. For whatever reason, that does not seem to be in God’s plan for them. After much thought and prayer, they have decided that adopting is the only way for them to experience the blessings of parenthood.



Jarad and Amanda



Amanda is a 33 year-old middle school English teacher. Her organizational skills, structuredness, and responsible nature have served her well in her 12 years of teaching. She volunteers her time teaching religious education to fifth graders. In her spare time she likes to workout, crochet, read, and spend time with her family -- especially her nieces and nephews. 





Jared is a 34 year-old correctional officer who has worked at the same jail for the past 12 years. He is the jokester who always finds a way to bring a smile to people’s faces, even in times of struggle. His laid-back personality is a perfect compliment to Amanda’s type A personality. In his spare time he likes to workout, play with their two dogs, and do various outdoor activities. 





Jared and Amanda met during a busy time in both of their lives. With Amanda teaching full-time and going to graduate school full-time, she didn’t have a lot free time to go out and date. Jared was working night shift at the jail where he only had Monday and Tuesday nights off. That made it hard for him to go out and date as well. They both joined an online dating site that helped them to find each other. They dated for three years: traveling, getting to know each other, and spending time with family. Finally, Jared proposed to Amanda on bended knee in the livingroom of the house they bought together surrounded by rose petals. The last six years of their married life have seemed to just fly by. 





Jared and Amanda lead busy lives. They work opposite shifts with opposite days off, but they still find ways to spend quality time together. Their favorite thing to do is just chill on the couch while watching a good, scary movie and eating popcorn. They also have two dogs that love to go for walks and hikes. No matter what is going on, they always make time to spend with their families. 





Family is very important to Jared and Amanda. Both Jared and Amanda have big extended families. Amanda has a brother and a sister, both with children of their own. Their nieces and nephews love spending time at Aunt Mandy and Uncle Jared’s house because they get to experience all kinds of different things: Chucky Cheese, the bouncy house, trampoline parks, and museums just to name a few. Now, Jared’s family is a bit smaller than Amanda’s. His mom, Linda, is a retired hospice nurse who would give you the shirt off of her back. His dad, Jack, runs his own contracting business. Jason, his brother, manages housing units in North Carolina, but they are constantly texting, talking on the phone, or video chatting. 


Jared and Amanda’s house has been dubbed the castle house; they live in a cape cod house with a rounded stone entryway that looks like the tower on a castle. Their backyard has a swing that sits close to a brick fire pit where they like to spend cool evenings relaxing and talking. The back porch of their house has a handmade Amish glider and a small table big enough for two. Inside they have a big living room, kitchen, dining room, three bedrooms, and three bathrooms. With Jack’s, Jared’s dad’s, help they are working on renovating and updating each room. Of course, the first room currently under renovation is the nursery. 









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