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Meet Eric & Kristi

About Eric & Kristi

Hello, our names are Eric and Kristi. This October we will be celebrating our 4th anniversary. We met in 2010 while attending Grove City College, Eric a Sophomore and Kristi a Freshman. Both of us were members of the swim team, which means we spent a lot of time together—long practices, weekend meets, and daily meals around training. It didn’t take long for us to develop a deep friendship. By the end of that first year, we both knew we were ready for more. God used those college years to grow and shape us, preparing our hearts for future commitment. We married in 2014, and in 2015 we moved into our first house- cozy and quiet, perfect for us and our small dog, Ruby. When searching for a house, we always had the future in mind—we had to be certain it was a suitable location to raise a family—a good neighborhood, a good school district, and a large yard for adventures! We have fallen in love with our home, and we can’t ask for a better community. Most evenings you’ll find us playing games at our dining room table, laughing over a bowl of ice cream. We love spending time together, whether that be working on our house or yard, camping and hiking, walking our dog, or simply enjoying coffee or a meal together. One of the things we want you to know is that even though we’ve struggled with infertility, adoption was never a “plan B” for growing our family; long before we were married God placed, in both of us, the desire to adopt, regardless of our situation. God was the first (and best!) adoptive parent, and we want to follow in his footsteps. We don’t know where this journey will lead, but we do know that God is good and his plan is always perfect. We are grateful for all we have and are eagerly awaiting what He has in store for us next.



Eric graduated from college with a degree in math. Immediately after graduation, he took a position writing math books for schools all over the country. People either think his job sounds fascinating, or, if they’re like me, they just scowl as they remember struggling with their middle school math homework! Despite what you might be thinking, he is the complete opposite of socially awkward!


He’s the guy who’s easy to talk to—probably because he’s a great listener, and who makes friends easily. He’s playful in his demeanor and yet he knows when to be serious. One of the first things that stands out about him is his selflessness. He’s committed to serving those around him, whether that be at home honoring and supporting me (his wife), or in his community, where he volunteers at our church as our Youth Group Leader.


Eric is also athletic, being a very accomplished swimmer in college. Nowadays, he enjoys camping and hiking, as well as spending time outdoors working in our yard or garden. He also loves playing games and caring for our dog, Ruby.


Someday, I know Eric will make a great father. It’s almost comical—no matter where we are, kids of all ages seem to flock to him. He has an infectious personality and his compassion and patience make him great with kids. He’s playful, yet careful. He’s energetic, yet calming. He’s fun, yet mature.


What encompasses all of this is his love for the Lord. All these wonderful qualities reflect his relationship with Christ and it’s in the joy of the Lord where his strength is found!





The first thing you should know about Kristi is that she has a heart to serve others. She is kind, tender-hearted, and self-sacrificing in all that she does. It was clear from the first day I met her that she gets the most joy in life from laying down her own desires to help others pursue theirs. I can recall countless occasions at swim meets and water polo tournaments when Kristi would shrug off her own successes and celebrate the accomplishments of her teammates.



Kristi is also very talented and creative. In her spare time she takes pleasure in drawing, painting, cooking, and baking. I’m spoiled by the variety of healthy and delicious meals that she prepares for us!



Kristi is devoted to everything she puts her heart to, whether it is at work serving the elderly who are unable to serve themselves, being a wife and a friend, or one day being a loving mother to her children. She is passionate about her family, her friends, her church, and her God. Her love and devotion overwhelm me, and make me a better person each day.





Eric was a Sophomore on the Grove City College swim team in 2010. Each year, the team would have a picnic at Moraine State Park to kick off the season. Kristi was a freshman on the team that year. We met at the picnic, and in our very first conversation, Eric jokingly said that we would be best friends. Neither of us could have imagined how true that would be! Our love for God and our love for others are what would eventually bind us together. With knees knocking, Eric proposed on a beach in 2013, and we were married one year later at the church we attended together in college.





We live both an active and a laid-back lifestyle. In our spare time, you can find us reading and enjoying a cup of coffee together on our patio, playing with our two-year-old dog Ruby, or camping and hiking. We are also active members of our local church, serving as co-leaders of our youth group. We have developed some of our closest friendships through our church, many of whom have young children that we get the privilege of experiencing life with!





Eric’s parents live about 45 minutes away. We look forward to getting together to spend time and enjoy a meal with them each week. His parents have a huge heart for children and are very excited about the prospect of adopting a grandchild into their family! Eric has two siblings who he is very close with. His brother, Dustin, lives in Maryland, and his sister, Whitney, lives in Montana with her husband John and a baby on the way!





Kristi has a very tight-knit family. Growing up, they enjoyed dinner together every evening, often followed by games and ice cream around the kitchen table! Her parents live near Philadelphia and are also very excited to be grandparents. Her oldest sister Whitney lives in New York with her husband Mike. Her next oldest sister Lauren lives in Oregon with her husband Phil and a baby on the way! Her youngest sister Aimee is attending college in Pennsylvania.


We live in a 3 bedroom home in a quiet neighborhood, about one block off Lake Erie. Our house has large windows, allowing for natural light to fill the rooms. In the warmer months you’ll often find us outside working in the gardens, relaxing on our back patio, or making smores around our fire pit with friends.









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