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Meet Dave & Danielle

About Dave & Danielle

We met at church on a creative video project. We were able to spend most of the day together chatting between takes and laughing through the whole process. We quickly became inseparable best friends! We actually stayed friends for about two years before we started dating. One night, through a pretty cool conversation, everything clicked and we never looked back. We got engaged in England (what a surprise!) in August and got married at a ski resort in December (2006). It was a whirlwind engagement, but we already felt so close to each other, that we didn’t see the point in waiting very long to make it “official.”



It’s really awesome to be in a marriage that has a strong foundation in friendship. A lot of people say that they are married to their best friend, but we LITERALLY are. Through good times and hard times, we can say that we’ve continually fallen more and more in love with each other.





I am a full-time Video Director at a church. It’s pretty cool to make people’s stories come to life. My obsession is weather…I just love it. I also love travelling and outdoor activities, especially gardening, hiking and camping. I can’t wait to have a little friend join us on these excursions!

I work full-time at a church as the Creative Director. That means I get to plan services, events, and work on communications and marketing projects. It’s awesome. I also own my own wedding and family photography business. I love art and creativity: if there’s a museum nearby, I want to see it; if there’s a project or craft to do, I want to make it! I am excited to provide a creative home for a child, so s/he can constantly explore and try new things.

We bought our current home in 2011. It sits in a quiet neighborhood overlooking a lake. We have a great neighborhood that is very diverse. We enjoy making the inside and outside of our home reflect our creative personalities: lots of color and patterns, and mixing old with new. The best thing about our house is the view of the lake and our private backyard. It’s a great place for a barbeque!



Our cats, Yoshi and Dolores are fun and friendly. They always want to be around people. One of the coolest things they do is come to the door to greet us when we get home…they act a lot like dogs. They are both affectionate and friendly with our nieces, nephews and friends’ children.

We are actively involved in our church, but not just because we work there. We love the community. It is a very unique culture with people from all walks of life and multiple generations. Our faith is very important to us. Our close friends attend there and are in a small group with us. We meet together a couple times each month to enjoy each other’s company, and talk about what God is teaching us. When our group gets together there are ELEVEN kids playing around (not a typo)! We can’t wait to add to that number! It’s such a fun group and we all love each other so much – we wouldn’t trade them for the world!

In our teen and early adult years, we both felt strongly that adoption would be part of our lives. When we first talked about it after we met, we were surprised that we had that in common! Adoption is something that is very important to us. We want to provide a loving, caring home for multiple children. To be completely honest, we think we’d be pretty amazing parents. ;-)



We are so excited and ready to see what our family will look like! We know that God has a plan for us, and for you. If it’s right, he will bring us together. Regardless, we have been praying for you: that you would know his love for you and that he would lead you through your decision-making process.









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