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Meet Daniel & Christel

About Daniel & Christel

Hello, Hello :) Thank-you so much for taking the time to look at our profile, we are so excited about the possibility of starting our family through an open adoption.



We consider ourselves down to earth, we find joy in a lot of the simple things in life and believe that with God all things are possible if you are willing to follow where he leads you. We began discussing adoption and what it would mean to us early in our marriage while struggling with infertility. We then decided that stopping fertility treatments and starting the adoption process was the right step for us and what we both wanted to do to begin our family.



We can think of nothing greater than the opportunity to raise a child, to be given the responsibility to protect them and the privilege to love them, nurture them and watch them grow. We want nothing more than a chance to be able to show a child all the wonderful things that this world can offer. We hope that this glimpse into our lives can in someway convey all the love, care and support we are so ready to share.



Thank-you so much for taking the time to look at our profile, we are so excited about the possibility of starting our family through an open adoption.



Dan and Christel



I moved around a bit as a kid and lived in Florida and New Jersey before moving to Pa to stay. I grew up in the country with a close group of friends and enjoyed being outdoors, fishing, field beater cars and sports of all kinds.



After graduating from H.S. I attended a technical school and worked for a cabling company before I got my CDL and began working as an over the road truck driver.



Soon after Christel and I were married I got a job as a Tanker Operator in the Gas and Energy Industry. Now my job never takes me more than a few hours from home and allows me a schedule where I work for two weeks and then have a full week off. I love this as it gives me real quality time when I'm off to spend with my wife and our families.



I am still a huge sports fan and enjoy going to a variety of games each year. I collect sports memorabilia and was thrilled when we found some seats from Three Rivers Stadium that we were able to buy for my collection.



Most evenings when we have nothing planned Christel and I go to an unused little league field near our house and take turns pitching and batting baseballs around. Sometimes some of the local kids will join us and I usually send them home with a baseball or two. I also enjoy go-karts, video games and classic rock music. I'm a pretty decent cook and I'll even wash the dishes every once in awhile. I enjoy spending time with my nieces and nephews- fairs, amusement parks, ball games and just sitting on the floor playing UNO for hours on end.



I think time is one of the most important things to share with a child, to take an interest in what interests them. I am ready to be a dad. I am ready to share my time and my experiences, to support them and to always be there for them with unconditional love.





I grew up in the country less than a half mile from my grandparents farm. I would describe myself as a tomboy growing up. I loved watching and playing sports, fishing, hunting and helping with the livestock.  My parents and grandfather saw my love for animals and really nurtured that for me.  My pets over the years included a cow, chickens, rabbits, mice, hamsters, lizards, turtles and a few cats and dogs :D .  I was also active in 4H and my local church growing up.



I met my best friend Sara freshman year of High School and lived with her when we started college together.  She is still my best friend to this day and I am her daughter Austin's godmother. After college I started my career working with people with intellectual and physical disabilities. I have been the supervisor for a small program in my company for almost 15 years. I spend 10-20 hours a week out visiting with the families I provide services for, and my company allows me to set my own schedule and work my office hours from home. This schedule has allowed me to be the go to person in the family whenever anyone needs a babysitter, which permitted Dan and I to have a real close relationship with our nieces, nephews and god daughters.



In my free time I enjoy watching sports, playing baseball, and teaching/attending Zumba classes. We belong to a wonderful local gym that has a great daycare right next to the class room. The people there are amazing and I have made many great friends there over the years.



I also enjoy doing puzzles, sewing and adult coloring books.  Our family also has monthly game nights so everyone can get together to for a casual dinner and to just hangout, play games and relax while the kids run all over the house. We are an active couple but I am just as happy to cuddle up on the couch with our cats and dogs and watch Netflix.



I think the most important thing for a child is to have a positive role model who is loving, consistent and patient. I look forward to giving a child a life filled with laughter, love and experiences that they will be able to carry into their adulthood.
I cant wait to be a mom!!





We met about eight years ago and dated for two years before getting married. We met online and our relationship began just chatting back and forth about sports. We quickly learned that we grew up not too far from one another and that we had a lot in common. We were both raised in the country, share a love for sports and outdoor activities and have the same playful sense of humor. Neither of us had any previous marriages or any children and we were grateful that we would be sharing all the first time experiences of marriage and starting a family with each other.



While we have enjoyed sharing many firsts together we are still looking forward to the day we become parents together. We know that God will help us complete our family just as he brought us together at the perfect time in our lives.





Daily life for us can usually be summed up in one word, FUN.  We are a pretty active couple and enjoy spending most of our free evenings at an unused little league field near our house when the weather is nice.  We take turns pitching and hitting and just talking with one another about everything and anything.  We have a local gym where we go when the weather keeps us from “our” ball field.  We  both love all kinds of sports and usually make it to a few sporting events each year.  Aside from pro sports we both really love college football and try to make it to a Pitt or West Virginia game each year.



We spend a lot of time with our families and friends.  We have monthly family & friend game nights and in the summer we have several pool parties/cookouts. We love our church family and enjoy how proactive our church is with the local community; we recently did a walk to support ALS with them and we are sponsoring a little girl in our church so she can be on a cheer team.  We also enjoy going to fairs, theme parks, roller skating, go-karting and riding our four wheeler.



When we have nothing planned we love just hanging out at home with our pups and kitties.  Dan is an amazing cook and we enjoy trying new recipes together.  We recently tried a bacon cheese gnocchi which is our new favorite dinner.



Whether we are spending time with family, out playing ball, attending a sporting event or even just doing daily chores around the house we always seem to be joking with each other and just having fun and enjoying life.  





We are lucky enough to have most of our immediate family living close by and we never go more than a few days without spending time with one family member or another. We have Sunday dinners with our parents and monthly family game nights for everyone to get together.  We have 4 nieces and 4 nephews and feel so fortunate that we are able to play an active role in their lives as well. Our extended families were overjoyed when we discussed starting the adoption process and we are so blessed to have such a close knit and loving support system. 


We have a large Victorian home with plenty of room for a child to run and play.  We have a guest suite for when family members stay over and large downstairs room that we are remodeling to turn into a toy/play room. We are also remodeling the nursery and putting in a larger closet and are finishing it with a Snoopy theme. We have a nice sized back yard that we just had leveled and landscaped this year so it is ready for swing sets, sandboxes and back yard fun.









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