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Meet Andy & Marissa

About Andy & Marissa

Hello! Our names are Andy and Marissa McDonald. We were married in 2013 and are ready to start the next chapter of our life together. Not too long ago, we found out that we cannot have biological children due to medical circumstances. But that has not deterred us from reaching our goal of becoming the loving parents we both want to be! Our love for one another has given us the strength to overcome every stumbling block we’ve faced on the road to parenthood, and we thank God every day for continuing to be our support system on this journey.



We believe we are the perfect balance for each other in this relationship, and each others’ differences help both of us find the missing pieces to complete the puzzle. Andy is on the mellow side, while Marissa has the “don’t stop till you drop” sort of personality. So she is able to give Andy the push he needs every once in a while, where he steps in to remind Marissa that it’s OK to relax and just unwind. And we believe this balance will help us to be the best parents we can be for our children.



We want to build memories with our children decorating the Christmas tree and writing to Santa; we want to teach our children how to swim and play basketball in the backyard; we want our children to enjoy the fresh herbs and flowers that we plant every year around the house, and learn how to use those herbs by cooking together…when they’re old enough, of course! And we want our children to grow up understanding the importance of family, and the importance of the Catholic Church, because we know that we wouldn’t be where we are today without the love of our families, and the guidance of the Church.



And we want YOU to experience these things with us, with your child, and we’d love to keep in contact with you so you can share in these memories as well. We truly appreciate your consideration in our profile, and we look forward to hearing from you.



God Bless,



Andy and Marissa



Andy has such a caring heart, and he’s always willing to go above and beyond for his family and friends to make sure they are happy and have everything that they need in a given situation. He’s also a very good teacher and listener, and when he DOESN’T know how to do something, he works very hard until he figures it out and gets it just right! And Andy loves to share his knowledge with others, which is what makes him such a great Assistant Manager at a local grocery store. Not only is he able to solve problems and handle a variety of tasks at work, but he’s able to pass his knowledge on to the employees he works with so that they can work their way up in the company. Andy also enjoys cooking, working outside…in the summer!...and spending time with family, friends and his three cats! And he can’t wait until the day where he gets to spend time with a family of his own.





Marissa has a very kindhearted demeanor. She works to ensure that everyone else around her is happy and has what they need, even if that means she “gives a little…” of her time, of her knowledge, of her attentiveness. Marissa strives to be the best wife she can be for Andy; the best daughter she can be to her parents; the best sibling she can be to her brothers and sisters; and she’d like to be the best mom she can be to her children. Marissa has always risen above any challenge that has come her way with the help and guidance of God, and her drive is what recently enabled her to be promoted to a Client Services Manager at the financial industry she works at. Marissa enjoys gardening, cooking, spending time with family, and, of course, her three cats as well! Marissa’s dream has always been to be a mother…to more than just three cats!...and she can’t wait to get that opportunity so she can share her gifts, knowledge, guidance and heart with her children.





We first met at…a bowling alley of all places. Marissa was home from college on spring break after a trip to Cancun with a roommate fell through, which turned out to be one of the best things to happen! We were both a little skeptical of jumping into a relationship, mainly because Marissa still had another year to go at Penn State University. But there was something about our connection that told us we just had to give it a try. And we made our long-distance relationship work for the year Marissa was up at school. The love we had, and still have, for one another was so special that no distance could have gotten in the way of the relationship and bond we had! And now, about 10 years later, we’re not only still together, but we had our dream Catholic Church wedding in the middle of Spring with flowers of every color and sunshine for pretty much the entire day! It DID start to sprinkle during pictures…but we were by a waterfall, so it could have been the mist! After pictures, we spent the evening at our reception in a gorgeous ballroom in a hotel surrounded by almost 200 family and friends. And after the wedding, we went on our dream honeymoon to St. Lucia! All-inclusive is the way to go! But the weather was GORGEOUS, and the atmosphere, service and…FOOD…were a dream come true. Now when we got home, it was back to reality, going to work Monday through Friday saving up for the home we now live in, the home we want to raise our family in!





And now-a-days, we’re still two people going to work…now in a new house. We have already built so many memories in our home, and we want to keep that going by building so many more memories with our children. Every year, we put up a Christmas tree and decorate it with all sorts of bulbs and lights. Marissa gets SO excited when the time comes to drive out to the Christmas tree lot and pick out “the perfect one” to put up that year. And Andy gets excited to use his chainsaw! Although no lumberjack, Andy expertly cuts off this branch and that branch so the tree is just right and sits perfectly in its stand for Marissa to start the decorating process…and yes, it’s a process! We can’t wait to see that same excitement in our kids, and have their eyes light up when we grab the keys to drive to the Christmas tree lot!



We also enjoy our swimming pool every summer! Now when we bought our home, a swimming pool wasn’t exactly something we were looking for. But now that we have one, in ground and fenced in, we couldn’t imagine our summers without it! It’s amazing how many excuses you can make for throwing a pool party with family when the pool is right in your backyard! And sticking to summer, we also enjoy gardening and landscaping. While Andy is out cutting the grass, Marissa is planting a variety of flowers and herbs in the front of the house and on the mini basketball court in front of the shed. And when it’s dinner time in the summer, we’ll take a break from the outdoor chores to throw a few steaks on the grill for dinner that night. That’s something we love about summer…you can grill pretty much every day! We sit on our side porch chit chatting about work, what we have to do tomorrow, our future…it can get deep on our side porch!





And, yes, we said that our FAMILY comes over for those pool parties. We are very close to our families, both figuratively and literally. Marissa’s sister and her husband live right across the street from her and Andy! And her parents and Andy’s parents aren’t too far away! Almost like built-in babysitters if needed! But we truly love getting together with family whatever the occasion is.

We both grew up in families who ate dinner together every night, spent every holiday with each other eating a ton of great food and sharing laughs, and going on vacation every year, with the EXTENDED family, building sandcastles, or SAND SHARKS, collecting sea shells and just…being together.  To this day, we still sneak a seed-filled jalapeno popper on Uncle Nick’s plate since he can handle any amount of heat!...HIS WORDS, NOT OURS! You think he’d catch it one of these years…but as long as he doesn’t, the pepper’s going on there!

And holidays are family time…no matter what holiday it happens to be. Now we were lucky when we bought a house with a pool as all the summer holidays require a cookout and a…POOL PARTY! So it’s nice to not have to travel! Everyone brings over some sort of dip or meat, and we get to grilling! There’s still debate on who can grill up the best piece of steak, and we don’t think that debate will EVER be solved! Hey, as long as there’s great food for all to enjoy, we don’t care who grilled it!

But when the party isn’t at our house, we don’t mind traveling to spend Thanksgiving or Easter with the family. A tradition we definitely enjoy is the one we have on Easter. One of Marissa’s FAVORITE sauce dishes, timbon, is prepared in her parents’ kitchen with all the women of the family while the guys, Andy included, are standing around the fire outside grilling up the lamb! And who can forget Thanksgiving? Not only is it an excuse to eat a ton of food from turkey, to mashed potatoes, to homemade focaccia  bread, to one of Marissa’s favorites…homemade wedding soup!....but it’s another opportunity to build memories with family. And we wrap the year up with the seven fishes at Christmas time. It’s a lot of work frying up all the different fishes, but man, do we enjoy it..well, we enjoy the ham and dips a little more!

 We both say that we have no friends, when we really think about it, because the only people we hang out with ARE family. And now we want to build those same great memories with a family of our own, as well as build some new ones, and we are so excited to get the chance to do just that. Family is something that we value very highly in our lives, and is a value we want to instill in our children.


We live in a three-bedroom, one-and-half bath ranch home in a suburban neighborhood outside of the city. We have a finished basement with a laundry room behind the bar area that is great for extra storage. It can get difficult finding places for all of our Sam’s Club items, so the extra space is perfect! We also have an inground, fenced-in pool and patio with a mini basketball court beside it. Our blue shed sits right behind the basketball court and is the perfect place for our gardening/landscaping tools. Our kitchen leads to an outdoor, covered patio where we do our grilling and relaxing on a warm spring or summer day. Of course, our loving, friendly cats enjoy the outdoors just as much as we do, one a little more than the other two, and have no problem running outside when the side door is open for the brief couple of seconds that we open the door, and it’s in the process of closing…those cats are FAST! But we like to keep them inside as they are indoor cats. And our “kitty children” are just as excited as we are to welcome a new addition to our home!









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