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Our Adoption Philosophy

To the Birth Parents:

To Birth ParentsYour choices regarding adoption are some of the most important decisions you will make in your lifetime.  Because no two situations are the same, our services are highly individualized to meet your needs. As you look ahead to your future, we will assist you in making decisions that will enable you to fulfill your hopes, dreams, and goals for you and your baby. You have the opportunity to select and meet the adoptive parents for your baby, which enables you to get to know them on a personal level. The relationship that can develop in a such a short period of time helps birthparents feel secure about their adoption decision. Birthparents also have the opportunity to receive pictures and updates from the adoptive parents so there are no unanswered questions to ponder with the passage of time. There is also the opportunity for birthparents to send letters and keepsakes to the adoptive parents to give to their child in the future.


Adoption is a beautiful choice!


To the Adoptive Parents:

To Adoptive ParentsWe recognize that your journey to become a parent has probably been filled with disappointment and heartache.  Now that you are considering adopting a baby, you are no doubt filled with excitement and hope. You have many decisions regarding the adoption scenarios you wish to pursue, and we will assist you in defining the situations you are interested in. We will also assist in preparing you for the placement of a baby into your home. Adoptive parents have the opportunity to participate in a semi-open style of adoption, which enables you to meet and develop a relationship with your child’s birthparents. This relationship, which develops in a short period of time but remains long-term in your hearts, will provide you with firsthand information to give to your child when he or she begins asking questions about adoption. Providing birthparents with updates and pictures as your child grows can also be very beneficial for your child. This communication is facilitated through the agency to maintain the confidentiality of both parties. We can also provide a home study for you if you decide to network with other agencies or if you are pursuing an international adoption.


Adoption is not a “second best” way of building a family; it is a different way!